Summer Trips

by Shy, Rye, & Mister Tweed

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Summer Trips was recorded in August of 2017 in Woodstock New York at Tweed's Clubhouse. This three song EP showcases a new side to songwriters Shy Crooner & Tony Tweed who swap electric instruments and full percussion for their previously stripped down acoustic performance. Guitarist Rye Bread joins them on lead to round out these Summer Trips.


released August 18, 2017

All songs written by Shy Crooner & Tony Tweed

All songs performed by Shy Crooner, Tony Tweed, & Rye Bread

Produced by Getzmore Cash



all rights reserved


Shy Crooner New York, New York

Shy Crooner is a songwriter based in New York City. He is best known for his songwriting collaborations with Edwin Duke in The Crooner & Duke Revue.

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Track Name: City Shapes
We walk this cracked pavement
City shapes by and by
Shoes worn till barren
Clock ticks, tock, tick

Fascination on their faces
Flips they've never seen
Yoga mats and speeding cycles
Occasional segues

Hey now where do you think you're going?

Horns blazing frustration
Warm concrete undertow
None care where their crossing
Just go with the fucking flow

Hey now where do you think you're going?
Track Name: Mosquito
Where'd you go?

Where'd you go?

Leave me alone

In the skies
In disguise
In the skies
Track Name: I'll Take My Chances
I took my chances on a gambling binge
So now you know where my money's been
And although I know the odds are slim
If I had the chance, I'd take the chance again

Tell me the roll is on my side!

I went dancing with Stepless Sue
She was legless, and I was too
We went stumbling down the avenue
We told the same lie till it became the truth

Tell me the well has not run dry!

I took advice from a friend of mine
I wasn't sure where his intentions inclined
He had the record for the fastest time
His plaque is still hanging down at Jefferson High

Tell me the roll is on my side!
Tell me the well has not run dry!
Tell me the roll is on my side!